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A Common Problem for Christians: the Noonday Demon

One of the big goals of the Spiritual Maturity Project is to introduce people to resources that they might not otherwise find.  Of course, resources seem endlessly abundant, so why do people need help finding anything?  We're trying to help you get to the good stuff.  Quicker.  Deeper.  More long-lasting and spiritually enriching resources.  

Most of the time, once we get a basic idea down, that satisfies our curiosity and we move on to the next thing.  But for really good spiritual growth to take place over time, we need to go deeper sometimes and we need to stay longer when we go deeper.  Take this example: many people are curious to know the basic differences between Catholics and Protestants.  Just exactly what is it that distinguishes us from one another?  One very common answer goes back into the mists of the history of the Protestant Reformation.  You might recognize the Latin phrase sola fide (faith alone) as...

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