Funding for the Spiritual Maturity Project comes from contributions and from fees for services and material provided. 
Please consider giving generously with a one-time or recurring gift either electronically or by mail.

Give Online

The Spiritual Maturity Project partners with Donately for online contributions.  You may make a one-time gift or set up a reccurring payment by clicking Give.  Through Donately you can manage your contributions with credentials that you receive in your first receipt.


Give by Mail

If you would like to mail in a gift, please send your check to the address below. We will mail your tax receipt to you once your donation has been received.

The Spiritual Maturity Project

                                   PO Box 613

                          Arkansas City, KS  67005

The Spiritual Maturity Project is a ministry of the Rankin File, a nonprofit organization with 501©3 status. All gifts are tax deductible.