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Faith and Persistence in Spiritual Maturity

Spiritual Maturity Project
Faith and Persistence in Spiritual Maturity

In one of the books known by Protestants as part of the Apocrypha and as part of the biblical canon by Catholics and Orthodox, you can find a book called the Wisdom of Solomon.  The tenth chapter portrays Wisdom's engagement with, watching over, and guiding of, seven leading Old Testament figures: Adam, Abel (Cain's murdered brother), Noah, Abraham, Jacob (Israel), Joseph, and Moses.  The text does not name these figures, but if you know their stories, you can recognize them quickly.  

The interesting thing about them is how God works providentially through their lives and the circumstances of their times, to accomplish God's purposes.  That is a hard thing to say about poor Abel, who makes a cameo appearance in Genesis 4 before dying.  The Lord "had regard for Abel and his offering," which provoked in Cain a terrible jealousy.  All we know of Abel is that he was a keeper of sheep and that he brought a sacrifice from the first fruits of the new...

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