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Everything? Really?

Living the Christian life well calls for recognizing that nothing, literally nothing, falls outside the scope of God's interest or governance.  We have so much practice thinking otherwise that we barely notice.  And the issue is about lived experience, not so much about specific activities.  I'll try to explain.

It is easy to assume that this point applies only to a small category of people, maybe pastors or monks or nuns.  Normal people have to get up and go to work at "secular" jobs and manage business affairs and live in the rough-and-tumble of regular life.  Deep, deep in modern consciousness is this split between "religious" or "spiritual" and "secular" or "this world." 

The Bible emphasizes that Christians are supposed to live in the real world.  Christian witness happens in the real world.  God made this world.  This world matters to God. The economy, politics, everything about the world of everyday affairs matters to...

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