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What We are Saying When We Say that We Know Jesus

doctrine Nov 21, 2020

What does a Christian need to know in order to walk faithfully as a follower of Jesus?  This question is tricky, because it's hard to settle on the limits of what we mean by the word "know."  It's relatively simple to know facts that can be tested and proven.  It gets more complicated when we start talking about knowing God.  With so many competing beliefs, how can you be confident that your views are more than mere preferences?   

What do we mean, for example, when we say that we know Jesus?  Typically, we think of having a personal relationship with Jesus, which is truly a joy. One of my favorite songs is Graham Kendrick's "Knowing You", which echoes Paul's reminder in Philippians 3 that knowing Christ Jesus our Lord is worth more than any status or success we might attain.  It is a song of deep and holy piety.  I love it.  Virtually every time I try to sing it, I wind up weeping.

Let's use this song as an exercise in thinking...

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