By the Renewing of Your Minds

Romans 12:2 tells us that becoming Christ-like involves your mind! To increase your understanding, start with the Bible.

  • Read leisurely (give yourself time).
  • Read big portions.
  • Notice literary "style" (Poetry? History?)
  • Avoid hasty conclusions about meaning and application.
  • Notice your heart's responses (and take them to God in prayer).
  • Jot notes of observations and questions (but don't get bogged down in note-taking).

These additional books and magazines help to increase your mind and grow in the likeness of Christ.

Reader's Library

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Firebrand Magazine

Firebrand is an online magazine aimed at enlivening intellectual dialogue in various related traditions, including Methodist, Arminian, Holiness, Pentecostal, and others.


Christian History Institute

CHI shares the story of the Christian faith throughout the ages through award-winning printed materials, professional video productions, and internet resources. It is our mission to make Christian history a delight to laypeople everywhere by providing accurate, trustworthy, and professional resources.


Wesleyan Accent

Wesleyan Accent is a faith-based online magazine of practical and theological resources for academics, clergy, and laypeople. Every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday, we publish sermons, interviews, articles, devotionals, book reviews, and videos from leading and emerging voices in the broad Wesleyan Methodist family.